Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mixed up online poker tournaments

The surreal non-union marketeer plot could be watched from the Permanent Onlooker Unit, overlooking the Permanent Inner Lookout.

Sheepishly he sat sat there in his dressing gown, playing his unrepentant kimono role with his unrepentant merino look and permanent inner outlook. With every pot won, his Sisters of Mercy caoch displayed restrained poker nun mentor elation.

Phil Hellmutt, the newly signed Onion poker mule entrant, knew the value of umpteen notional kroner in an online poker tournament of this magnitude. However, without his hole card view, the power of his crazy chip was gone as his penultimate neon kronor fell to Mike and Adam's goading. "Look, Reunion Entrapment" they screamed as he was felted.

It just goes to show that online poker nouns matter as much as innovation in viral marketing where souls are souled!